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Dr. Thomas Ternité



    Numerous quality standards impact the lifecycle ofsoftware and system development in the automotive industry.Hereby, quality is evaluated through rigorous assessment of thedeployed processes, tools and products. Yet, although these threeaspects go hand-in-hand, they are...

    Looking at different everyday products, we are facing the situation that they are replaced although their technical life time has not ended. The main reason for this is that customers often replace products like smart phones or household devices, because there are new ones...
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    Studentische Arbeiten

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    Die Validas AG erstellt Werkzeug Qualifizierungs Kits die konform zur ISO 26262 und anderen Standards sind. Dabei wird das zu qualifizierende Werkzeug getestet. Die Konfiguration (Auswahl der Funktionen & Optionen) erfolgt dabei interaktiv, die Testdurchführung erfolgt...
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    Ergebnisse im Video

    Scribbler is a paint program which supports only basic operations like draw, move, scale, delete, save and load. Every drawn sketch consists of a series of raw dates, like for example coordinates and mouse movements, and is handed over to a variety of plugins which are able to...

    Software-Entwicklung ist ein verteilter Teamprozess.  Die frühen, kreativen Analyse- und Entwurfs-Phasen sind von entscheidender Bedeutung für den Projekterfolg. Handschriftlich genutzte Whiteboards für die Erstellung von Modellskizzen haben sich dabei als ...
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    Scribbler: From Coll...
    Scribbler is a paint program which supports only basic operations like...