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Steffen Küpper

The Impact of Agile Methods on the Development of an Agile Culture - Research Proposal

Today, establishing agile methods and an agile organisational culture in parallel is a commonly accepted prerequisite for the success of agile in organisations. Latest research show a correlation between agile methods and agile culture. Less discussed in Software Engineering is how the realisation of agile methods affects the development of an agile culture.

The aim of this PhD research is to investigate how the impact of agile methods on the development of 
an agile culture can be identified, described and measured.
The research follows qualitative research methods, e.g. grounded theory. In the first phase, 
semi-structured interviews have been conducted among experienced agile coaches, structured
analysis techniques have been applied to develop well-grounded theories, and the systems thinking
approach will be used to create a system model. The second phase will use the DELPHI-method to
validate the theories and the model. This paper presents my motivation, basic assumptions and
describes my research methodology with the status of my research. At the end I proposes a
roadmap for the second phase of my PhD research and conclude with preliminary findings.


Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software  Engineering 2016, Limerick, Ireland
EASE ’16




Limerick, Ireland


Impact of Agile Methods on the Development of an Agile Culture

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