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Yong Wang, Andreas Rausch

An Approach to Automatic Adaptation of DAiSI Component Interfaces


The Dynamic Adaptive System Infrastructure (DA-iSI) is a platform. It supports dynamic adaptive system. DAiSI can change its behavior at runtime. Behavioral changes can be caused by user’s needs, or based on context information if the system environment changes. It is a run-time infrastructure that operates on components that comply with a DAiSI-specific component model. The run-time infrastructure can integrate components into the system that were not known at design-time. Communication between components in DAiSI is sup-ported by services. Services of components are described by domain interfaces, which have to be specified by the compo-nent developer. Components can use services of other compo-nents, if the respective required and provided domain interfac-es of components are compatible. However, sometimes services that have been developed by different developers can do the same thing, e.g., provide the same data or operations, but they are represented by different syntactic. Therefore, in a previous article, we present an approach which enables the use of syn-tactically incompatible service by using an ontology-based adapter that connects services, which provide the same data in different format. In this paper we use an existing ontology to semantically describe interfaces of components and present an improved algorithm using SPARQL and reasoning to discover interfaces in triplestore. In addition, we propose to use the historical data to predict the best suitable interface.


International Journal On Advances in Intelligent Systems




3 & 4 (in progress)




component models; self-adaptation; dynamic adaptive systems; ontology


An Approach to Automatic Adaptation of DAiSI Component Interfaces

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