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Adina Aniculaesei, Daniel Arnsberger, Falk Howar, Andreas Rausch

Towards the Verification of Safety-critical Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Environments


There is an increasing necessity to deploy autonomous systems in highly heterogeneous, dynamicenvironments, e.g. service robots in hospitals or autonomous cars on highways. Since unforeseensituations may occur in these environments, the verification results obtained with respect to the systemand environment models at design-time might not be transferable to the system behaviour atruntime. For autonomous systems operating in dynamic environments, motion safety is a criticalrequirement. In this work, we present a two phase process in order to address the passive safetyproperty. At the design phase, we exploit UPPAAL to formalize the autonomous system and its environmentas timed automata and the safety property as TCTL formula. After verifying the correctnessof these models with respect to the system’s safety requirement, we build a monitor to check whetherthe assumptions made at design time are also correct at run time. If the current system observationsof the environment do not correspond to the initial system assumptions, the monitor sends feedbackto the system and the system enters a passive safe state.


Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Verification and Validation of Cyber Physical Systems (V2CPS 2016)




Reykjavic, Iceland


Towards the Verification of Safety-critical Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Environments

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